Where to Inject BPC-157

BPC-157 is a peptide that speeds up the body’s natural healing process. Research has shown that it considerably accelerates healing in injured bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. BPC-157 influences several key growth factors involved in angiogenesis (blood vessel production) and collagen synthesis. When administered to an injury site, new connective tissue and blood vessels grow quicker. 

BPC 157 Injection Guidelines

BPC-157 can be injected directly into muscles or subcutaneous fat near your injury or surgical site to increase local absorption. For best results, follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid inserting the needle into open wounds or surgical incisions.
  • Avoid inserting the needle into any bony structures. Be sure that the injection site is covered by sufficient muscle and subcutaneous fat. 
  • Do not inject anywhere into the head, face, or genitals.
  • For muscular injuries, inject directly into the belly (largest part) of the muscle.
  • For joint, ligament, tendon, and disc problems, inject into a muscular area near the injury. See the images below of optimal injection locations for joint injuries. 


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Knee

Injecting BPC 157 around the Knee


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Ankle

Injecting BPC 157 around the Ankle


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Hip

Injecting BPC 157 around the Hip


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Elbow

Injecting BPC 157 around the Elbow


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Shoulder

Injecting BPC 157 around the Shoulder


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Neck

Injecting BPC 157 around the Neck


Injecting BPC-157 Around the Lower Back

Injecting BPC 157 around the Lower Back

If you have additional questions regarding your specific injury, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support@goalsrx.com. We’re here to help!



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Where to Inject BPC-157

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