Superhuman Workout Program

Strength, Power, and Muscle Gains

What are you capable of?

Superhumans (people with extraordinary qualities and abilities) have long fascinated our culture. One of the most popular superhuman storylines is how they’ve acquired their power. Some are born with awe-inspiring skills (e.g., Superman), some are biologically altered (e.g., Spiderman), and a few have used training, technology, and a whole lot of grit to become superhuman (e.g., Batman). The latter is not confined to the pages of comic books. Real-life people use training and determination to push the extremes of human ability. Your body and mind have tremendous adaptability when presented with the right stimulus. This program is your origin story for acquiring enhanced physical capabilities exceeding those naturally found in humans. 

The program is a hybrid of bodybuilding, powerlifting, and performance training. You will simultaneously build muscle, enhance explosive power, and increase absolute strength. To do this, you will rotate between maximal, dynamic, and repetitive effort days. On max effort days, you will grind out reps with heavy weights for strength and coordination. On dynamic effort days, you will use lighter submaximal loads to train purely for speed and rate of force development. On repetitive effort days, you will use intermediate weights for higher reps to build dense muscle.

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Superhuman Workout Program

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