The Difference Between Toning & Building Muscle


People have different reasons and motivations for working out. They might want to improve their mental or physical health, build strength, stamina, or finally fit into those jeans they’ve kept hidden in the back of their drawers. For this reason, it is important to note that any person’s body goal is unique—whether they want to be in shape, toned, or want to bulk up.

But what exactly is the difference between toning and building muscle? 


The Basics

Although toning and bulking up are used interchangeably, they are essentially different. Toning up is the process of decreasing your body’s fat content through exercises that strengthen and tone the muscles. Bulking up involves increasing your muscle mass by making your muscles bigger and stronger.



If your goal is to tone up your body, you need to incorporate cardio and weight training exercises into your routine. The cardio component will help you burn calories, while the strength training will allow you to tone up specific muscle groups. For example, for toned arms, you should do tricep pull-downs.



Bulking Up

Building muscle mass can be accomplished by lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions. Most people who want to bulk up split their muscles into different groups and work on just a few muscles each day. The most effective way to build mass is by isolating the muscle with heavyweights, allowing it to rest and repair as needed, and then isolating it again.


The Right Way to Eat

Exercise alone will never produce the results you are looking for. For a perfect, toned look, you must stick to a calorie deficit diet, which means burning more calories than you consume in a given week.

For bulking up, you must follow a calorie surplus diet. To bulk up, you must consume more calories than what is needed for your daily calorie intake, with the majority of those calories coming from protein that meets your body’s requirements.


How Can We Help?

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