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It’s 2021, and we’ve been in a global pandemic for almost a year. Epidemiologists around the world are conducting short—and long-term—projections of what we need to prepare and what the impact of COVID-19 will be. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you were feeling sluggish and off your game. Maybe you haven’t been able to work out and achieve the type of gains you would in a typical year, or maybe your immune system just isn’t what it used to be.

Our immune systems have evolved over millions of years to become the complex and intricate network of cells and molecules that keep us alive. That’s why optimizing our immune system to work in our favor has never been more important.

Although there is no such thing as ‘boosting your immune system’ (a hyperactive immune system can make you feel worse!), there are ways to support your immune defenses and ensure they’re in shape to fight against any colds, coughs, and viruses that may come their way. But before we get into how to strengthen our immune system, we need to learn about the immune system and what it does.


What Is An Immune System?

Immunity can be broken down into innate and adaptive categories. Innate immunity is the body’s first line of defense and involves a variety of cells that perform different functions. These include ciliated respiratory epithelial cells that push pathogens away, macrophages that engulf pathogens (phagocytosis), granulocytic types of phagocytosis that destroy pathogens with enzymes, and a lymphocyte known as the natural cell killer. When innate immunity isn’t able to clear a pathogen, it signals adaptive immunity to take over. Adaptive immunity activates the T and B lymphocytes that target pathogens in a specific manner.


How Does Our Immune System Respond to COVID-19?

When someone comes into contact with COVID-19, their innate immune system tries to clear the infection. One of the reasons COVID is so infectious is that it is especially good at evading innate immunity. As a result, the body has to rely on adaptive immunity to fight the virus. During the adaptive response, T cells try to directly destroy cells infected with COVID and stimulate B cells to produce antibodies to the virus and virally infected cells.

In order to fight common colds, viruses, and even COVID-19, our immune systems need to be stronger. But how do we do that?


Get More Sleep

According to the Center for Disease Control, one in three Americans are not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation compromises our immune response, whereas getting sufficient sleep enhances the immune response. Sleep deprivation results in a decreased number of lymphocytes and increased susceptibility to infections. When we get more sleep, our T cells are more efficient in binding to their targets using adhesion molecules.

If you’re having trouble sleeping, try limiting screen time before bed so the blue light that emanates from your TV, phone, and computer, don’t disrupt your circadian rhythm.


Focus on Food

We believe in the power of immunity-boosting food.

Our diets provide our systems with the micronutrients it needs to function properly. Increase your intake of foods with vitamin C, which enhances the ability of macrophages and neutrophils to destroy infected cells by increasing chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and generation of reactive oxygen species. Eat more fruits and vegetables to up your vitamin C levels.

Increase your zinc and iron intake for immune cell proliferation and maturation. You can obtain these vitamins by eating animal products such as chicken, fish, beef, and eggs.


Exercise More


Any discussion of our immune system wouldn’t be complete without mentioning exercise. Moderate-intensity physical exercise enhances macrophage function and increases the circulation of lymphocytes, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and antibodies. One study found that individuals who walked a minimum of 20 minutes a day for 5 days a week had a 43% reduction in days with respiratory symptoms compared to those who exercised once a week or less.


Boost Your Build

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What Do You Get?

GoalsRX will give you a custom blend of physician-approved supplements to keep you healthy. The package includes an immune-boosting peptide, a master antioxidant, micronutrient immune support, ad botanical immune support.

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