How Accountability Can Help Your Fitness Goals


Do you find it hard to make health and weight loss changes that stick? It’s time to stop making excuses to not go to the gym or caving on your diet to eat unhealthy foods. You shouldn’t have to struggle to take care of your health.

Many people who are struggling with weight loss or fitness goals have read articles on working out and nutrition. They exercise and eat healthily—or try to. Many are even the go-to “fitness expert” for family and friends. Most likely, they have not laid out a solid plan or used all the necessary tools to hold themselves accountable for reaching their fitness goals.


Hold Yourself Accountable

Sometimes what we need is to be held accountable. Eating well and working out for a day or two feels great, but making lifestyle changes that you stick to every day makes you feel great all the time!

If you wish to lose weight, make healthy food choices, and schedule time for exercise—sometimes willpower alone is not enough. You need strategies to hold yourself accountable, so you stay on track.

Here are some ways you can hold yourself accountable during your weight-loss journey.


Tell Someone Your Goals

Sometimes, people need guidance when trying to accomplish a goal. There’s no shame in that. When people are put into a situation where they have to perform a task for an audience, they’re more likely to follow through. This is known as the Hawthorne Effect and refers to a phenomenon where participants alter their behaviors in response to their awareness of being observed. This effect works in our favor when exercising, as having someone to directly report to gives us an extra incentive to follow through.



Research says that social and emotional support can help us achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle. So, try telling an important person in your life about your goals. When you make them public, it will make you more accountable to achieve them.


Set a Routine

Workout. Plain and simple. Even if you don’t break a sweat every time, the act of putting on your workout clothes and shoes and getting out the door is the hardest part. Don’t just tell yourself you’ll hit the gym once in a while. Schedule a time every day when you go to the gym or hit the running trail. Or you could hire a personal trainer.


Track and Chart

When we don’t have clearly defined weight loss and fitness goals, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger picture. Keeping a food diary and recording your fitness can help you work toward your larger fitness goals and keep you honest. Keeping a journal of the physical activity you do and how you feel afterward can also keep you motivated and remind you that you’re making progress.



Weigh Yourself Regularly

Extra pounds can sneak up on you. The National Weight Control Registry, which tracks over 10,000 people who have lost and kept off significant amounts of weight, found that 75% of successful dieters stepped on the scale at least once a week.

If you weigh yourself every week, you can see even the smallest changes as they happen. That way you know what you are working towards and if you’re going in the right direction. Scales aren’t always the most reliable way of measuring your weight loss, so try using a tape measure to check your waist. When you have a weigh-in each week or measure your waist every month, it can help keep you on track.


GoalsRX Can Help

When you purchase one of our subscriptions, you’re not just getting ingredients—you’re getting the recipe for success. Your subscription includes access to our Health Guides which offer valuable information to support the GoalsRX program you’ve purchased. These guides include exercise routines and meal plans mapped to each goal. We encourage all of our users to utilize the Health Guide to coach them from the sidelines and help them achieve—and even exceed—their goals.

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