How a BOOST Subscription Protects Your Immune System

No matter how well you take care of yourself—eating a balanced diet with enough exercise and plenty of sleep—you still can get sick. You don’t have time to be under the weather—you’re busy with life, and you need an immune system that supports your lifestyle. GoalsRX has the program you need to support your immune system, boosting your body’s ability to fight infection and prevent illness.

When you purchase a BOOST subscription from GoalsRX, you get a custom blend of physician-approved medications and supplements that combat colds and optimize your immune system. Among these medications is Thymosin Alpha-1—an injectable peptide that helps restore and modulate immune function.

What is Thymosin Alpha-1?

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a peptide derived from the thymus gland protein prothymosin alpha that occurs naturally in our bodies. It is composed of 28 amino acids and has a key role in overseeing T Cells, which are critical to your immune response. The thymus gland nurtures and helps T cells develop until they reach maturity. Once matured, Thymosin Alpha-1 signals the thymus gland to release them, allowing them to attack germs, viruses, and other markers of disease.



How does Thymosin Alpha-1 improve your immunity?

As an immune system modulator, this peptide can help you resist infections, illnesses, and diseases. Thymosin Alpha-1 signals your immune system to fight off invasive organisms so that you can recover fast.

Research suggests that Thymosin Alpha-1 may enhance the outcome from certain vaccinations and conventional therapies to provide an additional layer of immune-boosting power. It can also:

  • Ensure your T cells work correctly and effectively
  • Increase the number of T cells your body produces when you’re sick
  • Boost your immune system so you get sick less often
  • Eradicates compromised cells
  • Prevents infections, viruses, and diseases from spreading further in your body

How does a BOOST subscription work?

GoalsRX provides Thymosin Alpha-1 in our BOOST subscription package as an injectable along with injectable glutathione that enhances detoxification, immunity, and overall cell function. We have also added a micronutrient immune support vitamin comprised of D3, zinc, and vitamin C, and Defend—which is a potent blend of botanicals that boosts your immune system naturally.

Curious whether you’re a good candidate for Thymosin Alpha-1 and if BOOST could improve your immune system? Contact GoalsRX today to learn more about peptide therapy and how BOOST could benefit you.

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