Bodyweight Burn Excercise Program

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During Burn Phase 1, you don’t want to go too crazy with exercise. Your daily caloric intake is pretty low. Combined with potent medications and supplements, fat loss should naturally happen quickly. When dieting to induce fat loss, your body also breaks down lean muscle mass, lowering your metabolism. Losing too much muscle makes it more challenging to maintain weight loss after your low-calorie diet is complete. While on our energy-restricted diet, preserving your lean muscle is our top priority. Muscle tissue burns significant calories even when you’re not doing anything. Ten pounds of muscle burns about 50 calories in a day spent at rest! An increased resting metabolic rate of 50 calories per day really adds up over weeks and months. Even with just bodyweight, resistance training keeps your body’s fat furnace running hot by creating a buffer against muscle breakdown.

The program includes three total-body workouts per week that you can finish in less than 20 minutes. The exercises require minimal or no equipment, allowing you to perform them at home. We recommend completing the training on any three days that fit your work and life schedule.

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Burn Phase 1 | Workout

Bodyweight Burn Exercise Program

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