Basic Barbell Training III

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This program continues to focus on four main exercises: squat, bench press, deadlift, and standing overhead press. These multi-joint barbell exercises are unmatched for producing dense muscle and brutal strength. We’ve built to a crescendo over the past 8 weeks with Basic Barbell Training I + II, and now it’s time for the grand finale. At this point, you’ve developed the work capacity necessary to dominate this last block of intense barbell training. You should feel more confident in your technique on the main movements by now. To further drive this home, we will be using back down sets in our second exercise slot. After completing three heavy working sets on the main movements, I will have you drop the weight back down to hit an additional four sets of eight. This may seem boring, but it’s the best method for getting in extra volume to build the specific strength, muscle, and coordination needed for each movement. The law of training specificity states that we get better at the exercises that we practice. During this block, you will get a high volume of practice with moderately heavy weights to truly build upon the main movement instead of just testing it. Remember that “basic” means fundamental.

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Basic Barbell Training III

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