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Basic Barbell Training II

Like its predecessor, Basic Barbell Training I, this is a practical program that emphasizes heavy, multi-joint exercises. If you’re back for round two, I commend you on your dogged perseverance. Things get a bit more challenging this training cycle. We’re adding another barbell movement into the second exercise slot to accelerate strength gains and muscle growth further. These additional barbell exercises are going to fortify weak points and bring up lagging muscle groups. We’ll also utilize frequent supersets and tri-sets to increase training density and improve your conditioning. 

Barbell training (squatting, deadlifting, pressing, bench pressing) is, without a doubt, the fastest and most efficient way to get stronger. These compound exercises recruit the most muscle and build total-body strength. If you’re willing to embrace rigorous training for extraordinary results, then this is the program for you. Remember, the grind makes character.


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